EuroLeague 2022-23: Olympiacos vs Fenerbahce basketball prediction and betting tips (December 13)
The Olympiacos Piraeus have won five of the last six matches. Their single loss was against the current champions of the Euroleague. Will they beat Fenerbahce in this fixture?
Johnathan Motley is the best scorer for Fenerbahce in the 2022-23 season
Johnathan Motley is the best scorer for Fenerbahce in the 2022-23 season
by Alex Weaver Alex Weaver

The Olympiacos vs Fenerbahce fixture in Round 13 of the 2022-23 EuroLeague will take place on Tuesday, December 13 2022, starting at 5:00 p.m. GMT. The venue is Peace and Friendship Stadium, Piraeus.

Latest odds on betting sites

Olympiacos come with odds of 1.60 (-167 American; 3/5 Fractional) to win, which equals an approximate probability of 57%. Fenerbahce has an odds of 3.10 (+210; 11/10) to win this match. Therefore, the chances of their victory are around 33%. The draw comes with odds of 9.00 (+800; 8/1), which equals an approximate probability of 10%.

The latest odds for Olympiacos vs Fenerbahce (December 13):

  • Over 164.5 points — 2.00 (+100; 1/1)
  • Under 164.5 points — 1.90 (-111; 9/10)
  • Asian handicap (-5.5) points on Olympiacos — 2.00 (+100; 1/1)
  • Asian handicap (+5.5) points on Fenerbahce — 1.90 (-111; 9/10)
  • HT/FT – 1/1 — 1.90 (-111; 9/10)
  • HT/FT – 2/2 — 3.80 (+280; 14/5)

Match preview and statistics

Olympiacos do not have any injured players on the roster. Also, they show incredibly confident play. Olympiacos have the greatest performance index in the 2022-23 EuroLeague which is equal to 107.4 points and is 6.7 points greater than the second-place team’s result. Also, Olympiacos Piraeus has the best assists per game ratio and the second-greatest number of scored points per game. These ratios are equal to 22.3 and 86.8, respectively.

These results are mostly provided by Sasha Vezenkov, who is the third-best scorer in the 2022-23 EuroLeague and Kostas Sloukas, the best assistant this season with 6.8 assists per game on average. Besides, Sasha Vezenkov has the greatest performance index rating, which is equal to 26.1.

Olympiacos smashed Virtus Bologna (117-71) in Round 12 of the 2022-23 EuroLeague. They scored 18 out of 32 three-point shots and won 32 out of 56 rebounds to dominate under the baskets and in long-range attacks.

Olympiacos Piraeus have scored 86 or more points in four of the last six matches. They are priced with the odds of 2.05 (+105; 21/20) to score at least 86 points against Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahce are main Olympiacos’ contenders in the 2022-23 EuroLeague. They top the league with 10 victories in 12 matches. Fenerbahce lost two games against the Spanish titans. Barcelona were lucky to beat Fenerbahce by one point, whereas Real Madrid won that fixture with an 85-71 score.

Fenerbahce are the most scoring team in the 2022-23 season with 0.2 points per game more than Olympiacos, who are second in this rating. However, Fenerbahce’s performance Index is equal to 100.7 points and is the second-best after Olympiacos’.

In Round 12 of the 2022-23 EuroLeague, Fenerbahce destroyed Alba Berlin (104-75). Marko Guduric was the best player in the match. His performance index was equal to 20, which was provided by 13 points, one rebound and 100% accuracy.

Fenerbahce has won six of the last eight H2H matches against Olympiacos. The exact outcome is priced with the odds of 3.10 (+210; 21/10) this time.

Olympiacos vs Fenerbahce H2H

Fenerbahce won the most recent official fixture against Olympiacos (94-80). Olympiacos showed a confident defence in that fixture with five block shots, seven interceptions and 24 defensive rebounds. However, their attack was weak with only 53 attempts to score and 51% accuracy. Fenerbahce were well-balanced in attack and defence, which provided their win.

Lineups and key players

Olympiacos projected lineup:

  • Point guard: Thomas Walkup
  • Shooting guard: Isaiah Canaan
  • Small forward: Kostas Papanikolaou
  • Power forward: Sasha Vezenkov
  • Center: Moustapha Fall

Sasha Vezenkov is an absolute beast. He has the greatest performance index and is the third-best scorer with 19.8 points per game on average. Also, he has completed approximately 7.7 rebounds per game which is the third-best result.

Fenerbahce projected starting lineup:

  • Point guard: Nick Calathes
  • Shooting guard: Marko Guduric
  • Small forward: Nigel Hayes
  • Power forward: Johnathan Motley
  • Center: Devin Booker

Johnathan Motley is the best scorer for Fenerbahce in the 2022-23 season. He has scored 14.1 points per game on average with 66.3% accuracy on two-point shots.

Prediction and betting tips

Fenerbahce look stronger than their next rival. They lead the 2022-23 EuroLeague with 10 victories and two losses. Of course, these two lost games were against Barcelona and Real Madrid, but they beat Anadolu Efes by nine points in the fifth round. Also, Fenerbahce have won six of the last eight H2H matches against Olympiacos and one out of two lost games was not an official match.

Despite the fact that Olympiacos has geniuses like Sasha Vezenkov or Kostas Sloukas on its roster, I believe that they will not destroy Fenerbahce in this game. Asian handicap (+5.5) points on Fenerbahce looks safe.

Betting prediction: Asian handicap (+5.5) points on Fenerbahce

Odds: 1.90 (-111 American; 9/10 Fractional)

Basketball. Round 13
Olympiacos — Fenerbahce
Asian handicap (+5.5) points on Fenerbahce
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