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Latest sports gambling news online and bookmaker news features in Philippines

Welcome to the cozy home of the latest Filipino online gambling news and top industry updates on the Internet!

You happened to be at the right place. Takebet Philippines' editorial team is already pushing at roaring speed providing gamblers with the hottest news on sports gambling topics and one of the most well-researched sportsbook articles in the business. In this section, you'll get the latest news about online bookmakers, sports betting odds, bonus offers and sport itself.

Takebet Philippines is focused on operators in English-speaking countries of the world in Africa, Asia and Oceania, as well as the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada.

Navigating today's gambling industry news on Takebet Philippines

Here gamblers get news on a daily basis. We bring you the most up to date information on your favorite bookies. Find the latest news about gambling industry and betting markets any time you come back. Reporters cover breaking news about online sports betting, sporting competitions and betting offers. On top of news, we have sports gambling feature articles. Let’s navigate sections of the Takebet Philippines sportsbook news website!

Latest gambling news of Philippines and the world

Due to the skull-crushing competition in the online gambling industry, the latest news about online bookmakers come every hour and even more often. Online bookies compete, for instance, in providing their punters with great betting offers to attract more users to their sites. And as there are always some top sports events going on in football (soccer), basketball, tennis and other disciplines, bookmaker news appears on odds, chances and betting markets.

For this reason the editorial team of Takebet Philippines provides gamblers with the latest news on all worthy online bookmakers operating in Africa and Asia, including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, India, Philippines, Indonesia. Also, we cover bookies in major English-speaking countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Breaking news on top sportsbooks

There is always a place for breaking online sportsbook news in the bet world! Takebet Philippines delivers detailed announcements of top bookies for punters. Rest assured you will know about bookmakers news on exclusive betting bonus offers — and will wager with them in no time.

Here are some news topics about bookmakers around the world we cover:

  • gambling industry law and tax updates;
  • betting offers and promotions;
  • top sports and tournaments;
  • betting odds and probabilities;
  • betting market movements (where money goes?);
  • new online betting products;
  • marketing activity: ambassadors, sponsorships, charity;
  • betting specials on show business, politics, world events.

All breaking sports wagering news are published at the top of the News homepage, as well as at the top of every section and on every page of the corresponding news articles.

Top articles on sports gambling

High quality articles, it's a Takebet Philippines thing! Nevermind the topic, each feature is a result of a meticulous research held by our dedicated journalists.

When doing online gambling industry news articles and analysis, we research reports by top market analysts from companies like Deloitte and KPMG as well as from the leading tech companies providing telecom and development services to online gambling.

For our features about online sports betting and bookmakers bonuses, the news team explores info sections and wagering odds of online sportsbooks to come up with a complete recap. And when covering sports, the analysts of Takebet Philippines dig deep into statistics such as H2H, xG, individual stats of athletes like shots on target and tackles in football.

There are also interviews, opinion recaps and other in-depth formats waiting for you here!

Takebet Philippines' online gambling news — learn more!

The Takebet Philippines bookmaker news site never disappoints and will provide you with the latest sports gaming news as they unfold, as well as analytical reports, industry recaps, interviews and more. Basically you will know everything you need to know about bookies that matter.

Let’s dive into what new and experienced punters will get out of our news articles.

News coverage of gambling industry and sports wagering

To win big, any bettor needs to gather info before placing a bet. First of all, you need to choose a reliable online bookmaker to entrust your money. Filipino gambling industry news updates that we cover, as well as our ratings of the best betting sites, will give you a complete picture of the online sports betting market and its top players.

Secondly, you need info on the best betting offers to stand a chance of winning more — and with betting bonuses news you will always know about the latest bookmaker promotions.

Thirdly, you need to understand the odds to find value bets. And this is where our sports news and sports betting news come into play along with the Betting Tips section.

Some of the sports we cover in our news include:

  • Football (soccer)
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • American football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • MMA
  • Baseball

Among the most regularly covered football leagues are the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, La Liga Primera, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and the North American MLS league. Along come the African football tournaments and international competitions of national football teams like the World Cup and Euros. In other sports we report on NBA, Grand Slams, top ATP and WTA tournaments, NHL, HFL, MLB leagues.

News on the best odds on the competitions above are delivered by Takebet Philippines' experts.

Engaging analysis and opinions

Prolific analysis of the online bookmaker industry is possible due to a data-driven approach we equip ourselves with. All the conclusions we make are based on facts and statistical numbers, leaving a really little space for so-called “fake news”. Any personal opinions you may stumble upon in feature articles are gathered from independent industry experts.

Only original and up to date information

We are a class apart when providing up to date information on bookies. News and articles pass fact-checking and proof-reading stages before being published on our sportsbook news website online. This is done to ensure data and opinions are true and without errors.

Journalists on the editorial team of Takebet Philippines tend to gather news only from authoritative sources with a mandatory double-checking to provide you with the original content.

Key gambling market trends, sports stats, betting odds

Trends play an immense role in the gambling industry as well as in sports and online betting. We search for trends in business data, money movements in the markets and odds for you to understand not only what has already happened, but what will probably happen next.

For gambling business topics, journalists research earnings announcements of top online bookmakers to report on their financial stability, net income, EBITDA and the rest of the key metrics. At any given time different online sports gambling jurisdictions work on new laws to alter their current sports betting legislation or propose a new one, and this is covered too.

As for sports, Takebet Philippines provides readers with all the sport statistics needed for wagering. To win big, punters need to utilize sporting stats to determine the strongest team to wager on.

Some of the team news and statistics we use in our reports include:

  • Goals and points scored
  • Injuries and latest absentees
  • Fouls
  • Shots on target
  • xG

This way, the Takebet Philippines bookie news site assists bettors in placing value bets. Odds for these bets can be quite different on separate betting sites. Some bookies provide high odds with a low margin to increase your possible winnings. Others do not. Odds margin around 1-3% is considered low or below average, so the odds with such an average margin are quite profitable. Odds with an average margin of 3-5% can be classified as normal, while bookies with odds below average are at 5-6% margin. Low odds start with an average margin of 6-7% upwards. We provide users with news and in-depth analysis of the odds trends.

Top bookmaker news

Get the latest and breaking sportsbook news on the top names of the sports gaming industry, starting with the international giants and ending with local powerhouses.


The 1xbet bookmaker was established in 2007 and swiftly became a global brand operating in over 50 countries around the world. In Africa, 1xbet is licensed to operate in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania and some other countries. The company also holds licenses in Germany, Austria, Greece, Argentina, Brazil to name just a few.

Not so long ago this online bookie announced its agreement with Nigeria Football Federation as well as sponsorship of Confederation of African Football (CAF). Among the top recent news was the signing of a five-year deal with Barcelona in 2019. In 2021, 1xbet announced top Nigerian pop-star Davido as the brand's latest ambassador.

The bookmaker offers a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit.


The 22Bet bookmaker was founded in 2017 and holds a license to operate in African countries with Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania among them.

The top recent news of 22Bet is their partnership deal with Paris Saint-Germain, so now they are the first betting operator with a significant African presence in the Parisian club’s history.

22Bet gives out a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit to new customers.


The Betwinner betting site was founded in 2018 and is available across many world states, including African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and others.

Betwinner is not so notable in the news field. One of their last pieces of news was the sponsorship deal with an Eastern European football side Karpaty Lviv.

Betwinner offers new punters a 100% welcome bonus on deposits, as well as 100% deposit bonus for current customers on Thursdays for deposits of 10 EUR and above.

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