Best sports betting software [4 Examples]

Here we provided the best betting software currently on the market. These free betting software systems will give you a competitive edge over other bettors and ensure profit.

Having tools at your disposal can be of great use when trying to maximise your profits. It is good to note that some of the tools we are going to mention require a subscription while others will be totally free. To be realistic, which tool would you trust to increase your profits? Paying a small fee will be of great benefit to you and your wallet!

A lot of websites offer predictions and statistics for a number of sports, but there will always be one sport which they are mostly dedicated to. We are here to make it clear enough for you to understand everything without encountering any problems. Gambling using these sports betting programs can take a bit of time to get used to but the benefits will be worth the time.

As always, try and invest some time in the sports you will be betting on, make some research, get familiar with the players, coaches, or whatever your sport dictates. Being familiar will put you ahead of most passive players! And then sports betting system software will help!

Best Sports Betting Software (4 Examples)

1. Accumulator Generator

One of the most esteemed and best sports betting software in the world. Accumulator Generator does exactly what it suggests. It is fair to point out that this is a premium-only product meaning that you have to pay for a subscription.

This betting tips software is capable of doing a lot of things, firstly you will be greeted by a very detailed demonstration video just for you to get the hang of things. You don’t see something like this often, but it is clear that the developers want you to learn your way around it quickly and want you to stick around for a long time. The first thing you will have to do is to use a tool which is going to help you pick your accumulator.

What happens after that? Are you going to win that bet 100% of the time? Of course not, but here is how you can work around it.

With the help of the Accumulator Generator and other micro-tools, you will be given the opportunity to place and lay bets at the same time so that you are 100% guaranteed to make a profit.

You can set which bookmakers you want this betting tips software to display, which leagues, and when you select the ones you do want to bet on, the accumulator will then automatically calculate everything for you, showing all the odds, potential profits and even recommend a budget for you to be comfortable and bet with. The best part is that there are more than 70 bookmakers to choose and display results from!

Accumulator Generator is mostly based on the matched betting tactic. This is a great system that is guaranteed to pay off and this is why we have written an article about it before.

Check out Accumulator Generator prior to other sports betting programs!

Accumulator Generator betting software

2. OddsMonkey

A sports betting algorithms software with significant differences from Accumulator Generator is OddsMonkey. Even though the basic ‘idea’ remains the same both the design and the functionality of the programs differ a lot from each other. One of the pros that might convince you to choose this product over the other is that it has the option of choosing a free plan. You will also not be required to provide any card details.

This does come with some setbacks though, with the free plan you will only be able to win up to £45. This will obviously increase once you sign up to the premium package, which if we may say so ourselves is comparatively cheap considering the amount of money you can make thanks to this sports betting algorithms software.

The premium package has a lot more interesting things that will help you in increasing your profits. For starters, you are getting access to an exclusive library consisting of more than 100 tutorials. Some of the beting software tools which will help you in your betting journey are:

1. The Oddsmatching tool. This is going to help you compare the odds offered by each bookmaker so that you can see which the best ones to go with are.

2. The Dutching tool. This is a tool (calculator) based on the Dutching Formula which is mostly used in Horse Racing and can help you distribute the desired total betting amount to many selections so that no matter which one wins you are always going to have the same exact profit.

3. The Racing Matcher. Similar to a matched betting tool. It will help you find the best insurance (refund) and free bets offered that apply to horse racing events.

4. The Daily Offer Calendar. The team of OddsMonkey does the required research and provides you with a daily offer calendar consisting of the best-matched betting opportunities. They can be sorted depending on their difficulty so that you can find the most suitable ones based on the level of your experience.

A lot more tools. These consist of matched betting tools for other sports such as tennis, each way matcher, a matched betting forum, an extra place matcher, and even a profit tracker.

You can get all these for just £18 per month. Make sure to check them out!

OddsMonkey Each Place Matcher

3. Betegy

This is our personal favourite. We have compared Betegy with other software for betting and from our personal experience Betegy comes out on top.

What makes Betegy so different from everything else you may find on the Internet is that instead of depending on matched betting opportunities it will provide its users with “predictions” which are mostly based on sheer statistics. This is not only what they offering. You can check out the match history of the two teams, the lineups, average goals scored and conceded. Betegy offers details that might change and influence the team you bet on.

As for the results, you are going to get stat-based predictions on whether both teams are going to score or not, the Over/Under betting options, and even the correct score. What’s even great is that this is all offered in the free plan alone!

The yearly plan costs $100 and it comes with its own benefits. First of all, you will have access to soccer leagues and get predictions on every match played worldwide that is covered by the site.

Betegy also has a result predicting algorithm which increases your chances of winning the bet with more than 10%. You will also get handicap predictions.

With the subscription, you will unlock a series of useful tools, some include, a pick selector, an underdog list, a bet tracker and many more. In our opinion, the best two tools are the Sort and Filter Table which aids you in finding the best picks that suit your expertise and preference. You will also be provided with an accumulator generator which is going to provide you with a pre-made accumulator without requiring you to perform even the slightest action.

Purchasing the more expensive plans will get you access to predictions and statistics regarding various European and worldwide tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and even the World Cup.

A good note which you should be aware of is that they do not offer a free trial. But if you are still worried, you should also be aware that this site has been running for quite a long time. The reputation behind Betegy backs-up credibility. Not to mention that you have a 14 - day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

What most people are unaware of is that Betegy provides statistics to big sports networks like ESPN, Yahoo!, Sports, Sports1 and Ringier Axel Springer. It has also been covered by renowned media such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Atlantico, and even received a startup award.

You may find similar websites on the Internet but Betegy is clearly the best designed and runs the best designed and runs the best prediction algorithm in the sports betting industry.

Betegy Review

4. Betslayer

This particular product is considered to be one of the best sports betting software in the industry regardless of the fact that is still pretty “young” when compared to the other big names in the book. It is known for its “value for money” nature as the ROI you can get from each bet ranges from 3-8% surplus.

Why is it a good choice for new bettors? Simply because of the way the pricing is laid out.

There are 3 different packets all of which can be paid monthly or annually. The first and best option for beginners has to be the cheapest plan, the “Silver”. When priced monthly it costs 50£ and yearly 490£/month.

With the annual plan, you will get access to 20% of the available arbs (placing bets on different odds in a way that a profit is guaranteed). On top of that, you will be given the ability to sort and filter which bookies’ odds are shown. You can automatically add the desired selection to your bet slip and you will even get a 7-day arbitrage betting training course.

The gifts don’t stop there. You will gain access to the exclusive Facebook arbitrage betting group and the arb tracking spreadsheet for free. This is what you can get with the cheapest plan. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t find the product to be working for you or if you just think it isn’t worth the money.

You must also know that the odds are all updated very quickly on Betslayer’s platform and that you have a 7-day free trial available for all the plans. If you want to check them out the only thing you have to do is to just pay their website a quick visit and sign-up for a free trial period. Check this sports handicapping software now!

Betslayer betting platform


We chose to give you a detailed rundown of the 4 best products currently. They are the absolute best sports betting software you can currently find available and up for grabs. If we had to pick one out of the 4 it would probably be Betegy since they are unique in what they do and they do it very well!

These free sports betting software products and paid ones are all ways to have an edge while betting, but it always helps to indulge a bit in the sport, be more aware and try learning the ins and outs of whatever sport you’re interested in because every little bit of detail will always help. If you want to make some easy money choose one of the other 3 options, Betegy caters for all but it is a great sports handicapping software for betting if you are looking to go all-in for a chance to make some big bucks!

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