Best sports bettors to follow on Twitter: accounts with professional betting tips

Explore the best oddsmakers on twitter, get professional insights for free. This article will direct you to the best betting Twitter accounts who are proficient in the industry.

When it comes to sports betting you should know that odds aren’t the only thing you should be paying attention to. Analytics and ‘insights’ on games can also be a thing you should be aware of. There are some people in our world that have mastered the art of betting on sporting events as well!

Today we are going to discuss and present to you a definitive list of the best sports bettors to follow on Twitter.

If you want to make money, first you need to learn and be proficient in the sport or wherever you are betting. Investing some time in what you are betting on will increase your chances of winning, you should also listen to professionals. People who made a large sum of money through betting in smart and thought out ways.

If you want to double your winnings read on about the best sports betting Twitter accounts!

best sport bettors to follow on twitter

Why Should You Download Twitter

Gamers tend to follow the accounts of their favourite developer studios while journalists often take a look at reporters working on top networks. People do this to learn more, gather information and ‘insight’. See what new tricks or knowledge people are sharing which you can absorb into your strategies.

This is exactly why you should follow the best betting Twitter accounts of sports expers to become better. Don’t expect to be the best there is from the moment you start, it takes time and patience. That being said, you don’t need to focus all your time on studying betting patterns in order to become a better punter and make some money. The internet is a gift but only a few people realise and utilise such a vast tool.

You have to learn to filter out useful information and learn how to do smart selective reading! We aren’t going to talk only about people in this article, we will mention some groups and pages as well as some official bookmakers as well.

One thing is for certain though, all these best sports betting Twitter accounts you should absolutely follow.

Best Sports Bettors To Follow On Twitter: List of Accounts

Keep in mind that all entries on this list are presented in no particular order.

1. Todd Fuhrman- 126.2k Followers

After making the famous Las Vegas casino, Caesars, millions of dollars by being their oddsmaker, Todd wanted to pursue something bigger and so he did. He is now the co-founder of Bet The Board, one of the biggest sports betting podcasts in the world.

Together with his buddy, Payne Insider, Todd provides some pretty good information when it comes to betting analytics and the mistakes bookmakers make when providing their odds. His 100K+ followers are proof that he is a champion in what he does.

We do not know how he is in the other aspects of his life, but in sports betting information he is one of the best, especially when it comes to the NFL and the MLB.

2. Bill Barnwell- 185.2k Followers

The man with a plan. Bill isn’t your average sports analyst and according to his massive 185K follower base, he must be doing something right. He mainly works for ESPN which is the biggest sports network in the United States, maybe even worldwide.

He is a very important figure when it comes to sports journalism and is very proficient in the NFL and everything surrounding the sport. Following this man will surely give you some more insight and information on sports worldwide, especially American football.

3. Steve Fezzik- 58k Followers

The only 2-times back to back winner of the LVH SuperContest. Fezzik isn’t so much a sports analyst as he is a gambler that knows how to win! This is exactly the reason why you should follow him on twitter. You should follow him on also for more information. Pregame is one of the top 300 analysis websites in the whole wide world.

Various podcasts from him accompanied by his great coworkers can be found on the site as well as on SoundCloud. What is interesting about that website is that they have people working on all major sports, not only NFL, NBA or others of the sort.

They cover pretty much everything you may have an interest in. Judging by Fezzik’s accomplishments he is for sure one of the best bettors to follow on Twitter.

4. RJ Bell- 190k Followers

As stated previously, Pregame is one of the biggest and best sites in the industry of sports betting analytics. RJ Bell is the founder and CEO of the website. He mostly likes talking about the NFL. As the Super Bowl is approaching he would be on fire as most of his predictions are on point.

You can find some pretty interesting information from RJ Bell and he might offer insight on how to place bets and how to predict matches.

5. Bill Simmons- 5.08m Followers

You can’t say that you are a sports fan if you haven’t heard the name Bill Simmons at least once in your life. This guy is the best at what he does and that is making money.

He works for HBO and is the CEO of a website that is getting more than 13 million hits per month. The main reason for that is that sports isn’t his only interest but he mostly writes about it.

His account on Twitter has around 5.8 million followers and the majority of those are interested in hearing what he has to say in his BS Podcast. (BS stands for Bill Simmons)

Make sure to check him out as he is one of the best in what he does, sports analytics that is.

bill simmons on twitter

6. Colin Cowherd- 1.4m Followers

A true passionate professional that loves to share his knowledge with the world through his tweets and his insight broadcasts through his Podcast. Just listen to his podcast where he talks about the Brady-Belichick fiasco! You will see that he talks from his professional perspective and he doesn’t involve emotion at all. Keeping everything professional and unbiased.

He is objective and this why his opinion matters. Colin Cowherd is the reason his show is broadcasted by FOX, FS1 and iHeartRadio. He is surely one of the best sports bettors to follow on Twitter and having him followed will be of extreme benefit.

7. Darren Rovell- 2m Followers

Darren may not be about analytics and predictions as much as the other people mentioned on this list but he still remains informative and a good source of news updates. He will say his opinion from time to time but when it comes to interesting stories he has you covered.

Just like many other major sport business reporters he works for the biggest name in the industry, ESPN.

If you want to show off to your friends by presenting them some interesting facts not many people know then you should check his Rovell’s Twitter account out for sure. You might actually be surprised by what you will find there.

8. Jimmy Boyd- 7k Followers

‘Watch sports. Beat the odds. Cash tickets. Wash, rinse, and repeat.”

This is the motto of Jimmy and let us tell you that the predictions he offers couldn’t back it up any more than they already do. He is a true master of sports betting. A guru, you may say.

On average he has a 66% winning rate on the possible outcomes he tweets and the best thing is that he will actually help you should you wish to message him on his email.

Want to win some money while learning from one of the best? Then you should follow his account on Twitter as soon as possible.

9. Covers - 133k Followers

It is about time that we changed pace and took a look at some Twitter accounts, not of sole people but of teams of esteemed professionals. Covers is one of those and according to them they are “The biggest and best info source for sports bettors” and in our personal opinion, they are pretty accurate on that statement.

The Playoffs are here and now is the best time to follow Covers as they will be Covering the whole thing, pun intended.

Either you are a newcomer to sports betting or a professional punter you better follow them right after reading the article as the information they provide may prove to be extremely profitable.

10. Paddy Power- 650k Followers

The Irish accent isn’t the only great gift this nation has to offer as the famous bookmakers are also known for their amazing odds and offers.

Paddy Power and Betfair are two of those. However, PP (Paddy Power) has much more to offer to their Twitter followers as they constantly provide useful insights and information on the upcoming games.

Either it is NFL, Soccer, NBA, or horse races whatever you are looking for they have you covered. Don’t you think even for a second that the people behind PP are anywhere close to the sports industry “elite” as they will curse and make fun of many interesting events and incidents.

If you want to be on the lookout for great odds as well as have a giggle then you have but to follow them on Twitter. We promise that you will not be disappointed even at the slightest.

11. Black Type- 2.3k Followers

Another bookmaker, not as known as Paddy Power but still provides great odds. They are known for their amazing high payouts as well as for their excellent service.

Their Twitter profile mirrors all there perfectly as there you can find premade accumulators designed by themselves and ready to use and bet on.

12. Sky Sports - 5.2m Followers

Last entry on our list is the British channel group you ought to know should you desire to call yourself a sports bettor.

You are going to find neither odds nor analytics on their Twitter account but the one thing you are bound to encounter is information. If you want to learn exactly when your favourite matchup is going to be broadcasted or when the bets for a game are available or closed then Sky Sports is the number one destination for you.

They are as active as one can be and credible as ever. They are constantly pushing for more quality and constantly try and be active during most major leagues and some small ones too. Always take a gander through their page before betting so you can see what is happening and maybe getting more insight than you already have.

sky sports twitter


Odds and tactics are great but there are only two places where you find out the best ones. Don’t waste any more time, go check out the best bettors to follow with accounts on Twitter, try and learn as much as you can and become more aware of the sports around you.

We will always strive in keeping you up to date with all the latest news and information regarding betting and sports.

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