Betegy review: winning predictions with the best sports betting algorithm

Betegy prediction football tool looks at statistics and calculates all the factors a bettor needs to select winning odds.

We are constantly striving in searching for the next best thing with regards to betting tools to revolutionise or improve the betting markets. With such an oversaturated market it is hard to funnel out what is truly quality. What we found was pioneering the market is, Betegy.

The Betegy prediction site has been brought to our attention and hence we decided to write a comprehensive review of this online service. A brief one-sentence summary would be, Betegy provides football predictions by using statistics and algorithms to calculate the best possible odds. Betegy is aimed to increase the profit of anyone looking wager on the sport.

Here we are going to consider a wide array of factors which make Betegy a truly unique experience for anyone. We will see what the bookmaker has set into motion and the unique method that Betegy implements to calculate the best odds for each individual math.

Betegy Predictions: An Overview

Betegy started up way back in 2012. This should already be an indication of the reputation the site has. No betting website will be up and running for so long if it had a bad or dirty reputation. Always take the age of the website into consideration because it says a lot about the website. It is owned and operated by the Warsaw-based company Iteelabs.

They provide predictions for some of the most popular European football leagues, while also offering predictions on an American league and an Asia - Australia league.

Under the Europa Catalogue there are:

  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Portuguese Primeira Liga
  • SuperLeague Greece
  • Austrian Bundesliga
  • Polish Ekstraklasa
  • Scottish Premiership and many more.

For the Americas, they offer predictions on the ARG Primera A, and for the Asia - Australia league they offer for the A-League. Not to mention the UEFA Champions, Europa and Nations League. Make sure to visit their site to check their full list of leagues.

The truth is that in order to bet you would need to go through multiple guides, research and ultimately be very proficient in the sport. You would need to know the players, coaches, team relationship and dynamics, things that not everyone has the time or can do. This is something that Betegy predictions have capitalised on.

Betegy is a cutting-edge online service that provides punters football predictions based on a wide range of factors. These are all things that you would not need to do because Betegy takes everything into consideration so that you don’t have to.

The site employs self-learning algorithms to process a variety of statistical indicators which we will discuss in further detail throughout the article.

Betegy Review

So How Do Betegy Do This?

Betegy has an automated algorithm, a self-learning system. This system predicts the outcomes of football games with high accuracy. This is done by analysing the game in a way that only experts know how to do so. The analysis is split into 3 - Statistics, Team Dynamics and football News.

This is taken from the direct source on how the analysis is split up:

  • Statistics - Points, goals, attack, defence, goalkeeper, midfield struggles, wing struggles, league standings and many more.
  • Team Dynamics - Team progression or regression based on current performance.
  • Football News - Transfer news, injuries, suspensions.

Data is then processed using methodical models, while also using past data coupled with machine learning to make the predictions better as the games go.

The site uses an algorithm that was created by lovers of the sport for fans of the sport. Their efforts to provide a product with a high success rate for bettors has proved to be more lucrative than any other.

When you're using Betegy you can rest assured that all the bets you will place will be purely based on mathematics. We do believe that online sports betting should always be fun but adding that extra ounce of security could be highly beneficial in the long run.

How Does Betegy Work?

It is important for us that you properly understand the algorithm and how it works before you start implementing it in your own bets!

First things first, the system creates odds for the possible outcomes. Laying out the games in groups and how likely they are to qualify. The Betegy technology will then move on to calculate the team indexed the team index and produce the most accurate results.

The team index takes these following factors into consideration:

  • Past league efforts,
  • The consistency of the whole team over a series of matches,
  • Strengths of every team participating in the league,
  • The ability of the coach and quality of the team’s performance overall.

This procedure is done for all the teams. A prediction for every possible bet is displayed and further deciphered by Betegy.

The second round of predictions includes:

  • Evaluating each player, their history, any previous injuries, flaws, strengths and their participation within the team,
  • The different team formations,
  • The outcomes of the teams pitted against one another,
  • The strengths of the team’s National League.

After all the information is inputted automatically by the bookmaker’s end. The site then generates points for each team in every group. The predicted points are compared to produce the best possible odds for each team to win the match or simply qualify for the following round.

Betegy review

Betting Markets

It is good to mention that Betegy does not necessarily accept all games onto their prediction site. They have a strict policy whereby, in instances of soccer games becoming too hard to predict accurately, they will be marked with a No Bet Badge.

The way Betegy thrives is if its users win, they will not push a game they have no information on or the team is too sporadic to bet on. It is great and refreshing seeing a website that is honest with its clients.

Betegy takes pride in being a transparent bookmaker that work on being completely open to its guests. They are not tipsters and do not have information on fixed games but simply believe strongly in the power of the numbers.

The predictions that are available at Betegy include:

  • Score
  • 1x2
  • Over 1.5/Under 1.5
  • Over 2.5/Under 2.5
  • Over 3.5/Under 3.5
  • Handicap
  • Both teams to score

Betegy reviews

Website and Mobile Applications

In terms of design, this bookmaker has made waves through the online betting sphere.

The design is smooth, easy to navigate and inviting to all users. The blue, black and white hues set the tone for a reliable and well-organised prediction site. The predictions appear on dashboards which are assorted by different bets, leagues, teams, live scores and picks. Making it easy access for anything you need or any information the site for upcoming matches.

Unfortunately, Betegy since the publishing of this article does not have a mobile application. However, they do have a service that is compatible with iOS and Android apps. Even though they do not have an official app you can still access their site whilst away from your desktop.

Betegy Payment & Withdrawals Methods

There are 2 options for bettors to choose from:

90 Days Plan -

  • You will be able to access picks and all predictions for all the National Leagues
  • Picks and predictions for the Champions Leagues and Europ Leagues
  • Access to all PRO features and tools
  • Price: €49.99

365 Day Plan -

  • Picks and all predictions for National Leagues
  • Picks and Predictions for the Champions Leagues and Europa Leagues
  • Access to all PRO features and tools
  • Price: €99.99

Their payment system is very safe and comfortable offer various payment methods. They promise optimum security when withdrawing or depositing any money.

They accept PayPal, Skrill and Credit/ Debit Card.

Bonuses & Promotions

Like with all good things there is always something that may hold it back. Since this is not your average betting site, this is more of an add-on. They do not offer free trials or anything of the sort. They do have a 14-day guarantee if you are not content with the product.

Betegy encourages you to contact them if you are not satisfied because they are always looking to push their customer service and ultimately their product. They will reimburse you if you are unsatisfied because they do not wish to disappoint.

Signing up is fairly easy, all you require is a valid email address and password.

The free subscription includes:

  • Access to the Sort and Filter Table
  • Over and Under Football predictions
  • Access to the bet tracker
  • Both teams to score predictions
  • A thorough comparison of odds across all the available markets.

Final Words

Betegy is a site that will surely boost your profits when it comes to football betting. This is the ideal website for people looking to get that extra push in their football knowledge and push the bar further.

Betegy takes into account many factors in a mathematical manner in order to create the best possible outcome. Not only this, but the interface is easy to navigate and provides users with ample amount of support. This is what makes Betegy so inviting, it is user-friendly and can be adopted by anyone looking to further their profits.

Save yourself time and let football prediction site like Betegy do all the work for you.

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