Free greyhound betting systems: win your dog racing bets

There are key factors which are essential to any rookie punter who is looking to understand how to bet dog racing strategy and how to find a profitable greyhound system to yield a greater profit. Find out more!

Acquiring the right knowledge on the best greyhound betting systems can save you a lot of time while also earning you a lot more money in future bets. In order to put your money into better use, one must fully understand every greyhound betting strategy and how they work. Unlike other sports where betting strategies can be long drawn out and complicated, such as some handicap betting tips, free greyhound systems that work are straightforward.

There are several best greyhound betting strategies strategies one can adopt when placing a wager, however committing some time for research will support you in all your bets. Just like anything else, you will need to invest a certain amount of time into the sport to fully understand the ins and outs. Ultimately, researching and studying the sport will only benefit your bets and your likelihood of winning.

While reading through some of the best greyhound betting systems to win your next bet, you will soon come to realise that the odds allocated to the animals running the race are at times inaccurate. This is simply because the odds are susceptible to change in the hours leading up to the race. The odds alone are not very reliable, do not simply base your money on just odds. We will encourage research and patience in order to feel comfortable with the bet you have placed.

3 Things to Consider Before Getting Started

There are a few things to know before indulging in free greyhound betting systems. These are important to take into consideration when placing bets and will get you started in greyhound racing systems.

Greyhound Form

Firstly, before placing a bet on any dog, you will need to look up the greyhound form. The greyhound form gives you important information that will likely influence where you place the bet. Information like: Trainer, Weight, Win Rate, Career and other vital information. Once you carefully analyse the information given through the form you will quickly learn who the favourites are and which dogs are most likely to place in the upcoming racing event.

Race Grade

Similar to horse races, greyhound racing systems have grades. The grades signify if the dog is moving up or down the scale.

The race grades will give you a clear idea of the dogs who have been performing poorly and those who are thriving. Be aware of dogs who quickly shoot up the grades as they will be up against faster dogs.

The Trap

The trap simply refers to the ‘cubicle’ the dog is placed in at the beginning of the race. In most races, the trap usually is a very important factor when weighing the probability of the dog’s chances of placing higher. Think of the trap as the handicapper in horse racing.

Incorporating these three factors into your betting systems will reinforce the possibility of a very profitable greyhound betting system. Be smart with where you place your bets, there are various indications that will allow you to create informed assumptions on the dogs who are more probable of placing.

Greyhound Betting Explained

Any greyhound betting strategy can be placed into two main categories: Straight and Exotic bets. Although these types of bets may vary from country to country these two are the staple when it comes to the sport.

Straight bets are aimed more towards beginners. For the more experienced punter, we recommend exotic bets.

The best way to approach dog racing systems is like you would approach a ladder system. Start from the bottom up and do not try and run before you learnt how to walk. This means that ideally first you start with learning the best strategies for straight wagers, understand all there is to it and master it. After you have done this, you slowly start progressing into the more complicated exotic wagers.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are considered the easier wagers to start off with greyhound racing systems. It is for this reason that they or more widely used. Straight bets mainly consist of simply predicting which dog will win. There are other bets which fall under this category as you will see but the main one is just predicting who will win.

The payout odds for straight bets are fairly high because predicting which dog will win is no easy task. The payout of dogs is based on the likelihood of that dog winning the race. The higher the likelihood of a certain dog winning, the lower the payout. Dogs with a lower likelihood or underdog are given a higher payout.

The Straight Bets greyhound racing betting system is split up into the following:

  • Betting to Win
  • Betting to Place
  • Betting to Show
  • Across the Board

Betting to Win: As we explained previously, betting to win is simply predicting which dog will win the race.

Betting to Place: A place bet is simply betting on the dog arriving either in second or even first place. This bet is made by more conservative punters. People who are wary of their favourite dog winning so they make a bet on dog arriving second or first place.

Betting to Show: A bettor will only be paid off when his selection comes first, second or third. The proceeds that come with the show wagers are usually very small.

Across the Board: This bet is three in one. Meaning that a winning wager is when your dog wins, places, or shows, combining all three previous bets into one. The way across the board works is as follows; if the dog comes in the first place then the bet will pay for all three wagers. If the dog comes in second place, then the bet will go for only placing and showing. Finally, if the dog comes in third place the bet will pay only for showing.

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets simply refer to when the bettor places a wager on more than one outcome. You can bet on a few greyhounds simultaneously. Some exotic bets are as follows:

  • Daily Double Bet
  • Quinella Bets
  • Betting on Perfecta and Exacta
  • Betting on Trifecta
  • Superfecta Bets
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 6

Daily Double Bet - This is a wager on two greyhounds to come 1st in the first and second race of the day.

Quinella Bet - This is betting on two chosen dogs fill the first two places in the race.

Betting on Perfecta and Exacta - This wager will collect if the two selected greyhounds will come first and 2nd in the same race exactly in the chosen order.

Betting on Trifecta - This bet has one of the highest payoffs throughout all of greyhound betting, while also being one of the most popular. This is simply due to the fact that to win it you would need to be very proficient in greyhound racing while also having a bit of luck on your side. Trifecta wager will pay off if three selected greyhounds finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the same race, exactly in the predetermined order.

Superfecta Bets - A step above Trifecta, this wager will payoff when 4 greyhounds take the first four places in the exact order.

Pick 3 - Here you will pick 3 greyhounds to win three different but consecutive races. To win all greyhounds must win

Pick 6 - Here a bettor is wagering on six greyhounds to win six consecutive races.

Final Words

Bettors like to make use of several free greyhound systems that work to increase their chances of winning. Greyhound betting gives bettors a way to approach betting in a rational way.

Before wagering on any profitable greyhound system you can easily see the greyhounds stats, seeing exactly who trained it, how much it weighs and its previous races. If you indulge in such a sport you will quickly start learning how to make a smart bet. Research is very imperative so always invest some time in order to make your bet smarter and profitable.

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